About Vic’s

Focus is on family at Vic’s in Clifton Forge.  Southern Restaurant – Italian Restaurant – Sandwich Shop we are all that at Vic’s Family Restaurant.  Vic’s has been treating customers like family since 1976.   You will find the perfect mix of old and new with Steve Greenblatt operating the Restaurant, son of, ‘The’ Victor of Vic’s.  While Victor Gleenblatt may have retired he still makes sure things are running right.  Despite the many upgrades in fixtures and décor, the booths and terrazzo tile floor remain unchanged since the 1930’s.

Vic's Family Restaurant - Victor


Serving the Highlands for over 35 years!  Open, Monday thru Friday 3:30PM to 9:30PM and Saturday 11AM to 9:30PM.  We are serving American Favorites, Italian Offerings, Delicious Seafood, Vic’s Famous New York Style Pizza, Calzones and more.     No matter what you order, Roast Beef topped with gravy/onions, Broasted Chicken, Sandwich, Sub, Fresh Burger, Lasagna, Meatball Parmesan with Pasta, Manicotti or shrimp scampi, You will discover that all items will be an eye popping portion.  “The whole idea is to give our customers good food, in large portions, so when they walk out of here, they know they’ve gotten a great meal, and a great deal,” says Steve.

You are Family at Vic’s…